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Both sexes display this form of mutual homosexual grooming and it is more common in males. Males often have erect penises while they are mutually grooming each other. Male—male genital licking events occur repeatedly several times in the same pair, and reciprocal genital licking also occurs. The male-male genital licking in these bats is considered a sexual behavior. Allogrooming in Bonin flying foxes has never been observed, hence the male-male genital licking in this species does not seem to be a by-product of allogrooming, but rather a behavior of directly licking the male genital area, independent of allogrooming. A similar behavior was also observed in the common bent-wing bat Miniopterus schreibersii. The lethargic males, like females, called out loudly and presented their buccal glands with opened mouth during copulation.

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Harwich to Hook of Holland Ferry. The Harwich Hook of Holland ferry route connects England with Holland. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Stena Line.

Rotterdam, a city with a rich history, has a population over thousand and is densely inhabited. Rotterdam is located in the province of South Holland. Be sure to check out my section on things to do in Rotterdam! History of Rotterdam The History of Rotterdam is a fascinating story of war and commerce. Now a center for world trade it had its beginnings as a humble fishing village.

Although the area had had some settlers since, at least AD, it really only took of in terms of population and fishing in , when the Count that held sway over the area insisted that all the local landowners, who had their own dams and defenses against the sea, on the delta that made up the area, linked them all together to make one large sea defense that kept the area much safer and allowed for more building and trade.

Then the name Rotterdam was first used as in dam for the river Rote , and it was given its charter ash a city. Trade was further increased, in when a new canal was dug to give better access to the Dutch hinterlands. The Spanish left again, before too long, to fight more enemies elsewhere, and Rotterdam reverted back to the rebels and in doing so captured a lot more of the trade until Amsterdam chose the side of the rebels and again garnered the majority of trading activity.

The admiralty was established in the city in and the Dutch East Indies company in This led to the city once more acquiring some status in the worlds of politics and commerce. The city was occupied next by the French in and around the turn of the 19th century, which brought about a downturn in trade and wealthy for the city.

After the French left, Rotterdam grew rapidly and so became a center for world trade in the European, American and African markets. The Modern Era Rotterdam suffered in both the first world war and The Great Depression of ,but was nearly laid waste in the Second World War by the invading German occupiers and also by badly targeted Allied bombing that almost destroyed the center of the city.

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Map of Rotterdam by Willem and Joan Blaeu The settlement at the lower end of the fen stream Rotte or Rotta, as it was then known, from rot, “muddy” and a, “water”, thus “muddy water” dates from at least CE. A dam on the Rotte was built in the s and was located at the present-day Hoogstraat “High Street”. The greatest spurt of growth, both in port activity and population, followed the completion of the Nieuwe Waterweg in The city and harbor started to expand on the south bank of the river.

Tower blocks in the Kop van Zuid neighbourhood During World War I the city was the world’s largest spy centre because of Dutch neutrality and its strategic location in between Great-Britain, Germany and German-occupied Belgium. Many spies who were arrested and executed in Britain were led by German secret agents operating from Rotterdam.

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Wednesday, February 28, Facebook The body of Orlando Boldewijn was found on Monday evening , nine days after the teen disappeared. Orlando, 17, was from Rotterdam but was last seen on February 17 after a hook-up in The Hague. The age of consent is 16 in the Netherlands. She said that Orlando usually told her where he was going.

The next day, his family reported him missing. Family and friends said that it was unusual for him to miss work and school, and they grew more worried when there was no activity on his phone and bank accounts for the next week. The Hague Police On February 25 the police put out a missing child alert. Police do not know how his body ended up in the water, and an autopsy has been scheduled. Family and friends have been critical of the amount of time it took police a week to put out a missing child report, which is less serious than an Amber Alert.

A missing child report is sent out when there is no reason to believe that the missing person is in danger. Why did it take the disappearance of a white man for the arrest of alleged gay serial killer?

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Initially I was surprised and pleased to see how many people share a common passion for this topic. During the time past I have gotten in contact with other researcher developing interesting investigation projects, from different perspectives that somehow complement themselves. This blog has been since its beginning a platform to share information about port-cities, for this reason it seemed appropriated and useful for its readers to briefly present the research from these colleagues and give their contact for networking opportunities.

Hook of Hol·land (ho͝ok; hŏl′ənd) also Hoek van Hol·land (ho͞ok′ vän hô′länt) A cape and harbor of southwest Netherlands on the North Sea west of Rotterdam, for which it serves as a port. Hook of Holland n 1. (Placename) a cape on the SW coast of the Netherlands, in South Holland province 2. (Placename) a port on this cape Dutch name.

Some voyages to South America were also made. A subsidiary company was Stoomvaart Maatschappij ‘Triton’ to operate the company’s tramp ship trade. Partnership operations were formed in with other companies to operate the Java – China – Japan Line, in to operate the Java – Bengalen Line and in the Java – Australia Line. A new Java – Pacific Line was founded in partnership in A consortium of Dutch shipowners formed Vereenigde Nederlandsche Scheepvaarts Maatschappij United Netherlands Navigation Co in to divide the routes between owners and Rotterdam Lloyd were appointed managers of the Holland – Australia Line and three ships allocated to this service.

After the war, the company was granted the honour of Koninklijke Royal to add to it’s title and became Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd. In Rotterdam Lloyd and Nederland S. With the independence of Indonesia in trade with this area gradually declined and the later advent of popular air travel, spelt the end of passenger ships. Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide.

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This site’s coverage of the Threshold Concept Framework This site is primarily a bibliography of papers on the Threshold Concept Framework organised by topics and by authors and also includes lists of the key Meyer and Land originating papers, books, overviews, critiques, theses and selected presentations. It additionally includes information on relevant activities, e. Links to these different parts of this bibliography and to these relevent activities may be found above in the Contents List on the right hand side of this page or on the larger print version of the Contents List.

One such link, New and Recent Additions, provides a list of the most recent references added to the bibliography. New to the Threshold Concept: Where to start The Threshold Concept Framework has grown significantly since this web site was first created and this bibliography, though found useful by many lecturers, teachers and researchers familiar with the threshold concept, is now so large as to be less helpful than it originally was for anyone, new to the concept, wishing to incorporate the framework into either their teaching or research.

One of the most popular excursions begins at Maeslantkering near Hoek van Holland (Hook of Holland) and includes a close-up look at the city’s massive surge barrier. Evening tours are also fun, especially with Rotterdam’s most famous landmarks, including the superb Erasmus Bridge, .

So you want to do drugs in the Netherlands? January 27, A quick guide to everything you need to know about doing drugs in the Netherlands safely and responsibly. Covers the most common drugs: Get it in while you can: If you do come to Amsterdam or any other city, for that matter for some guilty pleasures, here are some things to consider before doing drugs in the Netherlands. A guide to drugs in the Netherlands Soft drugs: Marijuana Marijuana, more commonly known as weed, is… sort of legal.

The laws are strange in the Netherlands: Stick to one or the other. Good coffeeshops in other major cities include:

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Both sexes display this form of mutual homosexual grooming and it is more common in males. Males often have erect penises while they are mutually grooming each other. Male—male genital licking events occur repeatedly several times in the same pair, and reciprocal genital licking also occurs. The male-male genital licking in these bats is considered a sexual behavior.

Harwich to Hook of Holland Ferry. The Harwich Hook of Holland ferry route connects England with Holland. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Stena Line.

First settled in , Rotterdam blossomed into a Golden Age beauty only for three quarters of the city to be flattened by the Luftwaffe during World War II. Adopting a typically Dutch pragmatic attitude, the Rotterdamers brushed themselves off and rebuilt their city as a hotbed of modern architecture and design. Today, the Netherlands’ second city is a veritable playground for global “starchitects”: Nonetheless, Rotterdam remains very much a working city, retaining its long-held role as a major international commercial centre and Europe’s largest port.

It’s also rich in cultural attractions, from outstanding museums to a renowned clubbing scene. Book your trip to Rotterdam now To enjoy Rotterdam’s cosmopolitan arts scene, its historic wonders and its active nightlife, take a ferry to Holland with Stena Line today and you’ll be free to explore Rotterdam. You’re sure to have a fabulous cultural experience, and enjoy the some of the best nightlife in Holland at the same time. The Architecture Rotterdam’s exceptional architecture ranges from the medieval Laurenskerk church and s Sonneveld House to cutting-edge structures like the Erasmus Bridge and World Trade Centre.

The shops Rotterdam is home to numerous avant-garde Dutch designers, from the lingerie specialist Marlies Dekkers to cutting-edge women’s wear designer Wendela van Dijk.


One of Rotterdam’s most distinctive landmarks, the Euromast lies at the north entrance to the Maas Tunnel. Erected in , this meter-high tower houses two restaurants with superb views over Rotterdam, each at the meter mark. For thrill seekers looking for more than just great views there’s the chance to abseil down the building, while those looking for a unique overnight stay can book one of two stunning suites located at the meter point.

English language guided tours are available. The old district of Delfshaven, which unlike much of Rotterdam survived WWII largely unscathed, is consequently one of the most popular spots in this big bustling city.

Hundreds of swans, geese, cormorants and gulls have been caught in an oil spill after a tanker crashed into a jetty in the port of Rotterdam. The Bow Jubail ruptured its hull, pouring tonnes.

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Peter Smith examines the contest Antonio Conte has proven himself to be a master tactician. His Serie A dominance with Juventus, time in charge of Italy and Premier League title triumph with Chelsea were all marked out by exceptional strategic planning. But he lost his battle with Pep Guardiola on Saturday. Conte had steered his Chelsea team to home and away victories over Guardiola’s Manchester City last season.

Before setting up an RV or mobile home in the country on your land, you need to check with the county first to see what the laws are. Where I live, it’s illegal to set up an RV on your land, PLUS, it’s also illegal for you to make money from that. Meaning, you can’t allow someone to just move onto your property and charge them rent.

Onward journeys to Germany, Belgium and into Europe are straightforward too. Just relax and enjoy the sailing. Watch the latest blockbuster movie in our cinema or buy the perfect gift in our onboard shop. Superferry Cabins All cabins are designed to a high standard and are beautifully appointed, with their own en-suite bathroom with shower facilities. No baggage restrictions No baggage restrictions Take your pet You and the whole family, including your pet can travel with Stena Line to Holland and the continent.

Onboard The onboard services provide you with entertainment during your ferry crossing on the route Hook of Holland – Harwich, whether you’re travelling by day or travelling by night. The Superferries features two restaurants, three bars, a coffee bar an onboard shop, an internet room and even a cinema. Timetable During our refit season, there will be no sailings on our Rosslare-Cherbourg route from 20th February — 19th March inclusive.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. The last sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg before refit will be at The first sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg after refit will be at

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