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And products that had gone out of vogue, such as databases sold by Oracle Corp. They walk out with multiple things in their cart. In the past, sales reps got paid when their clients bought IBM technologies directly. Blockchain enables companies doing business with one another to record transactions securely. Its strength lies in its trustworthiness: The blockchain can also hold many more documents and data than traditional database storage, allowing for more nuanced insights and analysis.

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Discord Participating in airdrop and bounty campaign Each airdrop provider or project had their unique token or coin that run in different blockchain platform. Each platform had their unique wallet address. Remember you must hold the private key of the wallet otherwise, you will lose wallet access and there is no way to recover it. Next step is to apply your participation in the forms provided.

The first open source platform to integrate blockchain technology with enterprise systems and reshape business models.

Blockchain Technology Cross-border payments This solution enables banks to issue checks that are impossible to forge or manipulate. The platform integrates with existing banking systems to create an additional security layer, enabling banks and their customers to execute checking transactions on a trusted online portal or mobile application. The application provides a seamless, albeit welcome addition to an already robust financial instrument.

Rightfully so, this will eliminate any and all tampering so we can begin to connect the dots from big data in a way we have never done before to set a new industry standard. LEARN MORE Identity management Through this solution, customers can verify their identity while remaining anonymous using their unique identification key, thus eliminating the need to carry around sensitive documents every time registering KYC details is needed or required. Customers will also have the option to update their KYC details, which will be initiated by their unique identification key along side with 2FA for added security.

LEARN MORE Consumer product tracking With our blockchain based solution, consumers can now transparently track where their product or produce comes from, with further in depth information.

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Just install our Denim app and enjoy all the features of a truly effective dating! Only spectacular girls looking for a successful man compete with each other. Mandatory photos verification and strict screening of girls. The shortest time from the moment you sign in the app to the real dating with the favorable girl. No fake profiles and bots. Sign up – payment – broadcast – result.

Blockchain has applications in nearly every industry that involves exchanges, including in our personal lives. Hicky has realized this and, through the blockchain, is poised to revolutionize the dating industry.

There are lots of dating apps designed to facilitate the matching process. But the focus they have on the mass market attracts all sorts of people with divergent agendas. The existing search filters are not effective enough to adequately address low search relevance results. This necessitates further filtering by individuals looking for their perfect match through endless profile lists, a boring and at times fruitless process. Weak cybersecurity measures have also been known to compromise personal data and correspondence due to leaks and hacks.

A Streamlined Matching Process Datecoin seeks to address these problems by making use of state-of-the-art AI technology to facilitate intelligent matches. This technology makes use of facial recognition, morphological and semantic analytics of personal preferences as well as dialogues. This will save on time that would have been wasted scrolling through profiles looking for potential matches.

It will also reduce the possibility of human error in the process as machine learning will automate every step and only recommend individuals who meet the specified criteria for users. Tailor-Made Approaches Users can tweak their preferences as often as they wish, when they want to try out something new. The search engine automatically updates the changes and streamlines the search process to the new requirements.

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This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Recently, there have been many different dating sites and networks popping up.

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Instead he lifts his head to a black box and gazes into the mirror and camera at its center. By letting a machine scan his iris, he confirmed his identity on a traditional United Nations database, queried a family account kept on a variant of the Ethereum blockchain by the World Food Programme WFP , and settled his bill without opening his wallet. Started in early , Building Blocks, as the program is known, helps the WFP distribute cash-for-food aid to over , Syrian refugees in Jordan.

By the end of this year, the program will cover all , refugees in the country. If the project succeeds, it could eventually speed the adoption of blockchain technologies at sister UN agencies and beyond. Right A mural at the Zaatari camp. Building Blocks was born of a need to save money. This approach could feed more people, improve local economies, and increase transparency. But it also introduces a notable point of inefficiency:

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December 14, CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release. The dating industry has grown tremendously in the last decade with the rise of technology and emergence of mobile dating services.

Dating on the blockchain? Dear god, no. These are just some of the examples you come across on a regular basis that highlights just why companies at one point decided to add blockchain to their name in order to get more publicity.

These rise in acceptance has led to a healthy growth in the cryptocurrency world. Dating is a common practice in the world we live in, an act which is as old as time itself. Over time, dating has changed with the revolution in information technology. As a result, online dating is a common practice amongst individuals. This has helped individuals to connect to many possible matches and keep in constant touch with partners without any form of physical contact.

A lot of Online dating platforms are in existence to provide individuals with this services but not without several challenges that make it difficult for users to achieve their individual dating objectives. DateEat is creating a unique concept of combining the best of Dating and other entertaining industries to create a blockchain powered platform that would make finding desired partners easy. Artificial intelligence will be used to locate the perfect companion for users. DatEat will not only benefit users looking to start a romantic relationship but also help users to maintain their relationship by providing professional advice to couples.

For more information on DatEat platform, Visit the Following sites:

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By Rachel Kraus In doing so, the state has cast its eye toward one of the most popular tech buzzwords of West Virginia has contracted the Boston company Voatz to enable voting via smartphone for troops overseas in the midterm elections, according to CNN. Members of the military will be able to cast their ballots using an app, with voting data recorded on a blockchain. Troops will still be able to cast paper ballots if they prefer.

Now you can see all of Apple’s hidden tweets To use the app, voters will have to submit a photo of their government issued ID, as well as, um, a selfie video.

The blockchain based dating app Loly has features designed to help make everyone, particularly women, feel safer when mingling with fellow users. The platform offers, pre-date video chats, sobriety checks, and even the ability to create a “safe” word.

When it comes to relationships, trust is the most important element. In online dating, one must trust that the uploaded information is not misused by the platform and that the information about others is true. This data is then encrypted and stored using in a decentralised database. This means that the uploaded information can only be accessed and shared by the user.

Furthermore, the platform uses the Hicky token in order to align incentives between users and platform. When conflicts arise, the community will be engaged to solve these. Users are involved in conflict resolution will be paid in Hicky tokens, while users that have caused the conflict must pay. This ensures that all parties will behave well on the platform.

Both the verification mechanisms and the underlying token economy in Hicky prevent the creation of fake accounts or spam as the cost of these activities outweighs the potential benefits. This creates an overall more trusted and effective network in which the incentives of all parties involved are aligned. Hicky takes the best of both the physical and the digital world to create a superior dating experience. They will be releasing the first version of the app in the coming weeks.

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Despite this meteoric rise, many experts predict that it is blockchain — the secure, decentralised, distributed digital public ledger that underpins cryptoassets — that will become even more significant than the cryptoassets it supports. Those in the blockchain space suggest we are now at about in the development of the internet by comparison Such use cases are already creating a wider range of cryptoassets that differ in interesting ways from the original bitcoin.

Blockchain emerged as the backbone of bitcoin when the cryptocurrency launched in The relationship between blockchain and bitcoin has often been compared to the relationship between the internet and email.

How Hicky Is Simplifying the Dating Experience With the Blockchain. Continue Reading. Advertisement. You may like. The Case for Blockchains in Courts. Kingsland University School of Blockchain Partners with Tezos at NASDAQ. PharmaTrust Set To Partner With Mongolian Government On Pharmaceutical Blockchain Project.

Blockchains create a decentralized record of transactions that can be verified by a network of independently operated servers. This allows for transactions between two parties that do not necessarily know or trust each other without the need to have a third-party step in to mediate. In recent years blockchain technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, and its potential uses have radically expanded. This includes the development of what is called Blockchain 2.

Today there are hundreds of different blockchain based companies, currencies, and applications that are using the technology in increasingly innovative ways. How Does Blockchain Work? As mentioned above, blockchain technology was initially developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin.

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