But one needs to consider more than one or two names before choosing a VPN service and investing their money. It stands in third place in our list of Best VPN services for As the name suggests, VPN is a virtual network that exists on top of the real internet. While using a VPN service, your internet traffic flows through an encrypted tunnel across the web. There can be many reasons to use a VPN service. Also, there are many myths associated with VPNs, like people think they can do anything using over VPN and no one will ever know. It came into existence in , and since then its worldwide network of VPN servers spans across locations in 95 countries. So, the VPN service has got you covered for all the popular devices. You can connect to ExpressVPN simultaneously on up to three devices.

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Mix the Sauce Add together the mayonnaise, relish, mustard, vinegar, garlic, onion, and paprika. Prepare the Condiments Dice an onion if you haven’t already , and cut the lettuce and pickle into slices. Toast the Bun Lightly toast the hamburger bun in a pan.

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Sep 20, Flights were landing on and taking off from a secondary and shorter runway, leading to huge delays, diversions, go-arounds and cancellations since Tuesday night, officials said. The IMD said Mumbai suburbs recorded a whopping mm rainfall till Wednesday morning, making it the second highest downpour on a single day since the great Mumbai floods when the city experienced mm rains. Here are the highlights: Flight update An airport official told HT that the Spicejet aircraft has been moved out of the runway.

A SpiceJet aircraft had skidded off the runway and got stuck in mud, leading to the closure of the main runway at the airport. Weather update Disaster Management Unit of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai says IMD has forecast intermittent rain and thunderstorms are likely to occur in the city and its suburbs. Heavy to very heavy rainfall is likely at one or two places. Traffic update Mumbai Police reports water logging in both directions at Hindmata and asks commuters to use route diversion at Naigaon cross road.

Traffic is moving slow in both directions at Hindmata and Parel, due to water logging, reports Mumbai Police. The Mumbai Police had earlier warned of another high tide at 6.

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Bloomberg The results were hit and miss. The image separation worked in only the best conditions, with a well lit subject and and a dead still arm, and the added depth to images couldn’t paper over the M8 camera’s other noticeable flaws. Here, Huawei use a monochrome lens to quickly capture an image with as much detail as possible, with the second lens used to capture colour. Both cameras have different focal lengths, and the P9 included a dedicated “depth processor” that calculated depth based on the difference between the lenses.

Finally, colour was matched to the black and white image.

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In a ceremony in front of the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani announced that French and Egyptian archaeologists had discovered “a new tomb Located between the royal tombs at the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings, the Al-Assasif necropolis is the burial site of nobles and senior officials close to the pharaohs. Among the finds in the tomb are sarcophagi, statues and some 1, funerary figurines called “Ushabtis” made of wood, faience and clay. The tomb dates back to the Middle Kingdom, which spanned the 11th and 12th dynasties, and belonged to “Thaw-Irkhet-If”, mummification supervisor at the Temple of Mut in Karnak, according to the ministry.

Separately, archeologists from the French Institute of Eastern Archeology IFAO and the University of Strasbourg have discovered two sarcophagi dating back to the 18th dynasty, Anani told a news conference. One of the two contains the “well-preserved” mummified remains of a woman named Thuya. Egyptian authorities regularly announce archaeological discoveries with great fanfare, although the country is often accused of a lack of scientific rigour and neglect of its antiquities.

Archaeological sites, particularly in Luxor, make Egypt a major draw for foreign tourists. Hit by the turmoil that enveloped Egypt after the uprising that ousted longtime president Hosni Mubarak, the tourism sector has picked up this year.

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History of Google Google’s original homepage had a simple design because the company founders had little experience in HTML , the markup language used for designing web pages. Craig Silverstein , a fellow PhD student at Stanford, was hired as the first employee. He rejected the offer. Reasons ranged from shareholder pressure for employee benefit reductions to the fact that many company executives would become instant paper millionaires.

The purpose of the Chief Culture Officer is to develop and maintain the culture and work on ways to keep true to the core values that the company was founded on: These ticker symbols now refer to Alphabet Inc.

 · The agency will be responsible for handling the degree digital marketing functions of the brand covering. This new Tinder study that reveals the dating behaviour of millennials may

A statement from the company at 1pm today said: We are making progress but unable to provide specific details at this time. Once again, we’re really sorry for the disruption. Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated. The identikit website creator made the unusual decision after facing a prolonged DDoS attack against its servers last Thursday from a hacking group calling itself Armada DDoS.

The company is believed to have had renewed threats of further attacks and is still suffering a significant degradation of service. The motives for the attack are currently unknown. Moonfruit began restoring service this morning, but at 1pm many customers were still having problems, and the main Moonfruit site was offline.

Moonfruit is one of the oldest sites of its type, dating back to

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Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a large role in mood, learning, appetite control, and sleep. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs such as Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, and Lexapro are used by millions to relieve symptoms of depression by increasing brain levels of serotonin. Some research shows they work no better than a placebo 2. Several other brain-related disorders besides depression are related to low serotonin, including autism, ADHD , bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, and schizophrenia 3.

Many people with depression or other serotonin deficiency symptoms and conditions are searching for better ways to increase serotonin levels naturally without the use of drugs.

 · Besides China, India is another likely candidate for receiving the Nokia X, with the South Asian country being one of HMD’s top targets due to the local popularity of the Nokia brand dating back

In , the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government gave the job to a high-power panel headed by Culture Minister Jagmohan, with 36 months to complete the project. Two years later, the UPA came to power and scrapped the project. The Modi government intends to revive it, with the Ministry of Culture as the nodal agency and the ASI as the implementation agency. Myth, mythology, literature The Saraswati finds mention in the Rig Veda — likely composed between 1, BC and 1, BC — which speaks of the river flowing between the Yamuna in the east and the Sutlej in the west.

The Mahabharata, which reached its final form probably in the 4th century AD, mentions that the Saraswati dried up in a desert. Modern theories Those who believe in the existence of the Saraswati say the river is represented by the Ghaggar and its tributaries in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat, and the Cholistan region in Pakistan.

The dried-up palaeochannel of the Ghaggar is being explored, and its course is being excavated.

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British authorities have arrested a former Pakistani “politically exposed person” and his wife who were allegedly involved in money laundering in the UK, believed to to be the result of corruption in Pakistan. The arrest by the National Crime Agency NCA officials on Monday came as Pakistan and the UK signed a justice and accountability agreement, nearly a month after Prime Minister Imran Khan , who has vowed to bring back money stolen by corrupt Pakistani politicians and taken to Britain, assumed power.

Officers from the NCA’s International Corruption Unit have arrested a “former Pakistani Politically Exposed Person, aged in his 40s, and his wife, aged in her 30s, in connection with alleged money laundering in the United Kingdom believed to be the result of corruption in Pakistan,” the NCA said in a statement. The couple, who were arrested in Surrey, control a UK property portfolio worth more than 8 million pounds for which they appear to have no legitimate source of income, the statement said.

The man and his wife were questioned by NCA officers and have now been released under investigation, it said without identifying the couple. Junejo, a former assistant commissioner, was accused of laundering Rs million abroad, the Express Tribune reported.

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I mentioned in one of my earlier articles something about ghost hackers, and very shortly stated a thing or two of what they do. Sit back because this is a very long article Now I want to tell you how to become one. What Is a Ghost Hacker? First you need to understand who they are, and what they do. Only then will you be able to truly become one. So, let me explain. They are hackers who dont seek attention. They know the consequences of such circumstances, and seek to be as unknown as possible.

Staying one place for too long, gives you just that. So, they will make sure nothing is connected to their real identity first and foremost, but they will also likely have more than one alias, and therefore keep those separated also. Now you should have a good overview of what a ghost hacker is, so lets move on. First thing they will do is create an alias for everything they have. Smart ghost hackers will only use on alias once, and never re-use it.

So if one have 24 accounts, he will have 24 different aliases.

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One researcher claims that the ‘wisdom of a group’ is found when individuals have equal influence and there is no key leader. This ‘egalitarian network’ shows the strongest group-learning effect and is the most productive because it does not have a controlling influence leading it astray. Scroll down for video New research suggests that getting in order to get the most out of group decisions, such as important meetings at work, it’s best to have no one in charge. In the new study, a University of Pennsylvania expert conducted an online study with more than 1, participants.

Some were placed into one of the ‘egalitarian’ networks, where everyone had an equal number of contacts and everyone had equal influence. Others were placed into one of the ‘centralised’ networks, in which a single opinion leader was connected to everyone, giving that person much more influence in the group. The egalitarian network was reliable because the people who were more accurate tended to make smaller revisions, while people who were less accurate revised their answers more.

The result is that the entire crowd moved toward the more accurate people, while, at the same time, the more accurate people also made small adjustments that improved their score. This network is more reliable in decision making because the entire crowd naturally moves toward the more accurate people in the group. Dr Damon Centola, the study’s lead author and a University of Pennsylvania communications expert, said the findings could have implications for groups making big decisions in medicine, climate science and more.

The associate professor made his finding while investigating the ‘groupthink’ theory. The ‘groupthink’ theory suggests that, when it comes to the wisdom of a crowd, too many cooks often spoil the broth. This is because social pressures within the group dynamic mean members ignore alternative ideas and tend to take irrational actions that dehumanise other groups.

Moonfruit sites still suffering after prolonged DDoS attack

By Joe Levin February 04, , It seems as though you can’t check your favorite tech blogs or websites these days without seeing a story involving some kind of patent dispute. Most of the time it’s Apple suing Samsung or vice-versa but today’s story involves Samsung with a different dance partner, LG, and unlike the tedious Samsung Vs. Apple battles this one isn’t headed to court.

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Rev Fr Leslie Colaso 22 Nov: Or is Goenkarponn the deep-rooted fear that each one of us nurtures within us about returning back to our land one day and finding it swamped by hordes of migrants who have overrun our uniqueness? For further details click here Rare photos from Goa in the 90s Trance Central. For further details click here Trance Central. MY man wants to sell up and move to Goa.

He’s negotiating with a local estate agent here and is auctioning off his stuff. You have to come clean before he sells any more stuff or makes any more drastic decisions. Is there a compromise? Could you go on an extended trip while still keeping a base here? See if he’ll talk about your options. Go from Gatwick on December 8. The land of surf and sand is looking at uber-food experiences 19 Nov: For the last few years, Goa has been earning a reputation as a gourmet destination.

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But if you’ve ever tried to replicate any of your favorite takeout in the kitchen, you’ve likely noticed that the high heat required for most recipes thoroughly dries out the meat that you’re trying to cook. The technique that most Chinese restaurants use to create that juicy, delectable consistency we all know and love is called velveting, and it’s not so much a secret as it is a little-known cooking method amongst U. When thinly-cut and skinless meat, such as chicken, is velveted, it is marinated in a base mixture of salt, liquid, and cornstarch for at least 30 minutes.

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Next Reality It seems fitting that Time magazine’s first augmented reality cover is an issue guest edited by Bill Gates, since the company he founded is currently leading the AR charge via the HoloLens. There’s also a certain irony that the AR experience, which includes narration from Gates, is enabled through devices introduced by Steve Jobs, considering the famous feud between the tech titans when they helmed Microsoft and Apple, respectively.

The app is also available on Android , which happens to be Gates’ preferred mobile platform. The Rock Pops Out of EW Cover with Augmented Reality Dubbed the “Optimist” issue, the magazine contains an AR feature narrated by Gates that tells the story of an Ethiopian child, who Gates met in and holds up as an example of decreased child mortality rates worldwide. The issue also includes an article and accompanying AR content from fellow humanitarian Bono, whose band, U2, has enjoyed a cozy relationship with Apple.

Other periodicals, such as GQ and the Washington Post , have also adopted the technology. Magazines and newspapers are well-suited for AR, considering that their static images can easily act as markers for triggering content. Moreover, AR helps publishers add value to their traditional formats by embedding audio and visual content.

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