Lenny’s Blind Date, a laverne and shirley fanfic

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Laverne & Shirley Season 1 Air Dates & Countdown

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Shirley (Cindy Williams) is shocked when her boyfriend Carmine (Eddie Mekka) dumps her for another girl named Rhonda (Sande Lou Sanders). Vowing to raise her standards to impossible heights for.

Remember your first apartment? Remember your first roommate, and the freedom, fun and frustration of living on your own, away from your parents for the first time? Put that into the “fabulous fifties” with a couple of quick-witted, poodle-skirted mis-matched personalities and you have The days of poodle skirts and sweaters, and boys’ greased-up ducktails, and the old-fashioned morals that go with them Funny and memorable for my age group, probably hilarious for people too young to have lived through those years.

As usual with any seasonal shows, some storylines are funnier than others, but throughout, the comedic skills of Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams are priceless. Miss Shirley-‘Don’t Vodeo-do Til The Wedding Ring Goes on’-Feeny,” finds out her name is being “besmirched” by Lenny and her sterling reputation is in tatters through gossip and the bathroom wall Fonzie, Lenny and Squiggy are the perfect sidekicks, but Laverne and Shirley carry the whole show with their quick repartee and roommate fights, insights and caring.

And as for this particular season’s CD, the show where a mugger steals Laverne’s favorties “L” sweater and high heels, and Shirley’s favorite poodle skirt, and comes mincing into the park wearing them in order to mug little old ladies – is worth getting the whole season’s CD’s Okay, have I mention poodle skirts enough? If ‘s Vintage is funny to you..

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This page contains a list of the episodes in the first season of Laverne& Shirley. The season aired Tuesdays at pm (EST).. This page contains a list of the episodes in the first season of Laverne& : Season 2 (Laverne & Shirley).

While these two never officially got together on the show, it always seemed that there was more than just friendship between these two. I’ve gotten through the first five seasons so far – more to come soon! And yes, some episodes, they don’t technically interact at all – but a little imagination can still produce Lavenny moments even in these episodes.

A flashback to a high school sleepover that the girls had shows us just how long Lenny and Laverne have really known each other. As in many episodes, Lenny seems to be maintaining much more eye contact with Laverne than with Shirley… and the flowers in hand are surely a turn-on for her. As the girls set out to try to get dresses for a fancy party, Laverne playfully “seduces” Lenny by poking up and down his chest.

From their very first scene together, we see that the two have a natural tendency to pair up. Plus, the seduction seems to work — the girls do end up getting the dresses, after all. One Flew Over Milwaukee: He is completely elated, and responds by planting a big, wet kiss on her lips. When the girls think that they have two minutes left to live, Laverne suggests that they vo-de-oh-do-do with Lenny and Squiggy.

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Watch Laverne & Shirley – Season 1 Episode 9 – Dating Slump on TVBuzer. Shirley becomes reclusive and refuses to date after learning that Carmine has a new girlfriend, which drives Laverne crazy.

Despite its popularity, there was a lot of unhappiness behind the scenes, due mainly to the sudden success of the show. Luckily time has healed most of those old wounds and the cast members are all on friendly terms today. We spoke with series co-creator Mark Rothman, who helped us uncover some things you might not know about the beloved sitcom. Mark Rothman and Lowell Ganz wrote an episode for the show that featured Robert, who is somewhat shy and awkward, trying to pick up women in a supermarket.

The script was ultimately not used, because the producers felt it made the title character appear to be a little too much of a loser. Never one to be caught off-guard, Marshall replied that he had an idea about two single blue-collar girls who worked as bottle-cappers at a brewery. Silverman liked the concept and ordered a pilot on the spot. Other actresses were tested for the role, with one, Liberty Williams, making it as far as filming the minute pilot scene with Penny Marshall.

Penny Marshall has no recollection of where it originally came from, she just knows that it was something she and her sister, Ronny, used to chant during their seven-block walk to school in the mornings when they were kids. Back in the s, when Phil Foster was working as a stand-up comedian, he gave Garry Marshall his first job as a comedy writer. Foster mumbled and had a thick Brooklyn accent, so they feared viewers would not be able to understand him.

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Set directly after “Hi Neighbor: Canon is canon until “Hi Neighbor: Optional, if you want to promote your website or distribute to other archives Distribution: How you want others interested in hosting your fic to contact you. Optional, at your discretion. When Lenny is set to go on a blind date, Laverne gets jealous. Lenny’s Blind Date A few hours after Lenny and Squiggy left the apartment the night of their double date, Laverne was laying awake in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

Shirley was sound asleep with the heartwarming thought that she had been a good friend to Lenny and Squiggy that night and felt satisfied in her good will to mankind. Laverne, on the other hand, felt strange and uneasy. She knew she had more fun and had more laughs with Lenny than she had with any of the other dates she’d been on recently.

She also knew that her and Lenny’s kiss lasted a bit longer than their usual peck.

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Laverne & Shirley Episode Guide on EPisodeWorld with airdates and detailed information for all episodes of every series/season of the TV show Laverne & Shirley featuring Episode Guide, Main and Guest Cast Info, Music Guide, Summary-Plot Guide, News and Details in multiple languages.

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