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Inscriptions are in Hieroglyphics, Demotic and in classical Greek Lojban language logo Many science fiction novels have noted how difficult, illogical, unscientific, and inefficient the English language is did you know that “ghoti” should be pronounced “fish? It is certainly a burden for people to learn as a second language, and even more so to try and teach to an alien race. SF novels postulate some ultra-logical “universal” language with names like “League Latin”, “Anglic”, “Basic”, ” Interlac” , and “Triplanetarian. And go here for a discussion of using sign language while wearing space suits. So you can have a lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife. Lojban In my opinion, a much better choice is the language Lojban. The language has many advantages. The grammar is based on Boolean algebra it is possible to use a subset of Lojban as a computer programming language. The letters in Lojban each denote a single phoneme, instead of the multiple phonemes English uses. The “g” is silent in sign but not silent in signature.


NSA categories are for people who want to have sex, but do not want to have a relationship. People who post in NSA categories are either seeking a one night stand fling or something on going without commitment. What is a One Night Stand? A “One Night Stand” is when you meet up with someone once to have sex and then you never see them again. It only lasts one night.

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Believe it or not, we actually aren’t completely anti-human – our hearts, unlike B’s, are very real and beating. Our purpose is to present the side of the story that is often neglected and shoved under the rug, or dressed up into something prettier than it is. If you have followed along with BS instagram or read our first blog post with a bit of confusion, this interview and documentary is for you.

We had the amazing opportunity to pick the brain of Mark Weber, one of the co-producers of the phenomenal documentary, “Poverty, Inc. Many of us, ourselves included, who have seen the darker side of voluntourism struggle to explain the intricacies at hand when we discuss the issues with well-intentioned people who don’t realize the complications associated with international aid and development.

For those of you who want to dive a little deeper into these issues, or who are just interested in seeing things from a different perspective, we would encourage you to: We promise you, if you have been or are currently involved in the development world in any capacity, it will be well worth your time. How did the concept of this documentary come about? Was there a specific story that tipped you over the edge?

The answer is different for each of us, of course. Our co-producer Anielka Munkel is from Nicaragua where she worked for the ministry of tourism and the office of the president to fight against the narrative that countries like Nicaragua are little more than mission trip destinations.


We are pointing at terrorism which has effected all of us on many levels. We started a Cyber Security Site seeing how we have a extreme problem that has grown world wide. It has been stated on mass media that we do not have enough troops nor do they have enough supplies as stated on mass media.

English to Bengali. English to Chinese. English to English. English to French. English to German. English to Gujarati. English to Hindi. English to Italian. English to Japanese. Meaning of Hook up with in Punjabi is: ਨਾਲ ਰੋਕ what is meaning of Hook up with in Punjabi language. Word: Hook up with: Punjabi Meaning: ਨਾਲ.

Prashanth Kumar Sanskrit is really amazing language. I would also make the case for a connection between the sanskrit words agni and jna,,,as light, which fire is the source of, is always connected with the ability to know or perceive,,,light is often metaphorically used for consciousness. The new one derived from the old one… And this goes for every word… The problem for greeks is one: Does it hurt you??

Makes you feel awful?? So, if they try to translate their bunkums in English, they will be also heard as silly!! Even more tragedy than their tragic economy!!!! You know, stupidity saves them from madness somehow, because they can realised this tragic way of thinking only in part… And of course both of them have just been ready for them for many decades!! When they look how modern man has advanced beyond the ancient greeks thinking of experimental science, the development of mathematics, the art of the renaissance, the great depth and understanding of the relative shallowness of greek philosophy, etc.

What they are learning in school is to be intimidated into thinking they have fallen so far below their ancestors. They constantly cling to them!! But they still stay alive by Europe!! Not even their politicians which THEY had been voting all these years insistently!! They are always against memorandum!!


Controversy[ edit ] Anthropologist Helen Fisher in What happens in the dating world can reflect larger currents within popular culture. For example, when the book The Rules appeared, it touched off media controversy about how men and women should relate to each other, with different positions taken by columnist Maureen Dowd of The New York Times [56] and British writer Kira Cochrane of The Guardian. Sara McCorquodale suggests that women meeting strangers on dates meet initially in busy public places, share details of upcoming dates with friends or family so they know where they’ll be and who they’ll be with, avoid revealing one’s surname or address, and conducting searches on them on the Internet prior to the date.

Don’t leave drinks unattended; have an exit plan if things go badly; and ask a friend to call you on your cell phone an hour into the date to ask how it’s going.

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Frequently Asked Questions What is total parenteral nutrition? TPN is intravenous or IV nutrition. This means that if your child is on TPN, he or she is getting all of his or her nutrition – total nutrition- intravenously or through an IV. The total parenteral nutrition TPN solution will provide your child with all or must of his or her calories and nutrients. The solution contains protein, carbohydrates in the form of glucose , glucose, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Protein is important for building muscle strength.

You normally get protein by eating things like meat, cheese, and eggs. Carbohydrates and glucose-or sugar-are needed to give the body energy.

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What is the Islamic verdict regarding voting for man-made law or sharing power with man-made regimes or a so-called democratic system? What is the verdict for those Muslims who vote for Man-made Law e. However, in order to understand the divine rule regarding the above questions we must understand that the fundamental point of view of the west i.

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These creatures can be quite slippery and hard to deal with. Pisces is also elusive and hard to understand, just like its totem, the fish. The mind of Pisces is deep and often they are not easily understood due to their deep spiritual nature. According to astrology the signs of the zodiac represent the evolutionary stages of humanity. Commencing with Aries and finishing with your own star sign of Pisces, astrologers therefore believe that Pisces is somehow is the most spiritually advanced of the signs.

Your motivation in life is to give, to serve and to love; therefore this universal and unconditional love is infused in most of your actions. You selflessly give your time and energy to anyone who needs your help. This seems to be the core characteristic of your Pisces personality. Your friends regard you as an oasis in the desert of life when troubles befall them and they know that they can rely upon you to turn to.

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While the Dual Tuners work great for the majority of our customers, some will want the next level of service: A receiver that operates two TVs, but you only need one box aka, receiver. We offer several different types of Dual Tuner receivers: But for the purposes of this page we’re going to talk about the basics of a Dual Tuner and what that means for you.

Look at the image right.

The Lunatacs hook up exercise machines to generate power for Sky Tomb’s engines, but their own laziness forces them to find Thundercats to do the hard work. Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra plans to lure the Thundercats into a freezing trap in the Caverns of Cold on New Thundera.

In Indian classical dance forms the hand gesture symbolises the Lion [2]. In Buddhism it is seen as an apotropaic gesture very commonly used by Gautama Buddha as “Karana Mudra” which is synonymous with expulsion of demons and removal of obstacles like sickness or negative thoughts. It is also used traditionally to counter or ward off the ” evil eye ” malocchio in Italian. In Italy specifically, the gesture is known as the corna.

With fingers pointing down, it is a common Mediterranean apotropaic gesture, by which people seek protection in unlucky situations It is thus a more Mediterranean equivalent of knocking on wood. Thus, for example, the President of the Italian Republic , Giovanni Leone , shocked the country when, while in Naples during an outbreak of cholera , he shook the hands of patients with one hand while with the other behind his back he superstitiously made the corna, presumably to ward off the disease or in reaction to being confronted by such misfortune.

This act was well documented by the journalists and photographers who were right behind him, a fact that had escaped President Leone’s mind in that moment. In Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean region , the gesture must usually be performed with the fingers tilting downward to signify the warding off of bad luck; in the same region and elsewhere, the gesture may take a different, offensive and insulting meaning if it is performed with fingers upward or if directed aggressively towards someone in a swiveling motion see section below.

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Ask if same or next-day installation is available in your area. Our technicians are certified professionals. This free service is offered for up to 6 rooms based on what you order. When you order DISH Network you do not have to worry about installation, because standard professional installation is included with each order completely free.

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Once all the water and air systems have been plumbed in and the exhaust system and electronic and electrical ‘connectors’ added, the engine is fired up. Passive components are capacitors, resistors, ‘connectors’, filters, inductors, and oscillators.

The Thundercats soon arrive and begin plans to build a new lair. Mumm-Ra meanwhile learns that the planet’s gravity is controlled by the Gyroscope under the Churning Rocks at the center of the planet and will use this knowledge to destroy the Thundercats and trick the Gyroscope’s guardian, the ancient sorceress Jaguara.

Meanwhile, Lion-O receives a distress signal from Thunderian refugees, and he, Cheetara, and Snarf go to find them. Grune finds and fights them, breaks the Sword of Omens, and then he chains them up on the Churning Rocks. Snarf, who was hiding, gathers the pieces of the Sword to take back to Bengali to be fixed. Snarf gets captured by Char, a thief who wants the Sword for himself.

The Thundercats get captured by Two-Time, a robot with 2 heads. Two-Time takes them aboard his spaceship, Dome-Down, and the Thundercats see that he has also captured the refugees. Lion-O defeats Two-Time and the refugees are freed. The Mutants attack Snowman on Hook Mt. Then together, they recapture the Mutants. Meanwhile, on New Thundera, the earthquake tremors grow worse and the new Cats Lair collapses trapping Snarf in the ruins.

Lion-O uses the sword to contact the other Thundercats and they rush to the Lair to save Snarf. Unfortunately, Mumm-Ra puts up a force field over entrance.

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