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Blind Gossip [ Blind Gossip ] This famous male movie star has been with the same beautiful celebrity for a few years. Set aside for a moment whether you think they are a real couple or not. Something curious happened with their relationship status in the past few months. Beauty started wearing a specific ring on that finger before their first baby was born. She rarely took it off and she did not wear any other ring in its place except when her job required it. She even seemed to flaunt the ring in many photos. While the couple never announced an engagement, it certainly looked like an engagement ring. In fact, many people thought it was actually modeled after another famous engagement ring. Headlines declared that the couple was engaged The couple themselves played coy, never confirming it or denying it. All in all, the look of the ring, the finger on which she wore it, the timing of her first wearing it, and the fact that she wore it exclusively and so consistently pointed towards it being an engagement ring.

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Share this article Share His hair was short and combed back while the Drive star sported a layer of stubble across his chiseled chin. The actress-model donned a chic and cute polka dot jumpsuit Keep calm and carry on! Eva held onto one-year-old daughter Amada, while her hubby carried older daughter Esmerelda Canadian tuxedo! The Canada born actor kept an eye on his little one A necklace, sunglasses, and handsome watch topped off the former Mouseketeer’s look.

Joining him are co-stars Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne, Ray Liotta, Dane DeHaan (“The Amazing Sider-Man 2”) and Eva Mendes. Check out these new images from the film.

We know the feeling: Champion of the understated, director Richard Linklater casually follows the life of Mason Ellar Coltrane from childhood to college, checking in with his actors as they aged over a year shooting process. In the Linklater way, eschewing grand, life-changing moments in favor of the everyday business of just living, the film becomes extraordinary in its ordinariness.

To say that Boyhood works only as an experiment would be shortsighted. It works as a complete and profound work of art on its own, too. That is, until one pregnant woman is found, and a small group—led by Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, and Chiwetel Ejiofor—have to get her to safety. A young Jack Nicholson is a standout as Jack Torrance, an alcoholic writer fighting for sanity in a deserted hotel with his family in the dead of winter. Jyn and Cassian look effortlessly badass in their scrubby jackets and layers of grimy shirts, while Baze Malbus and the aging extremist Saw Gerrera contribute sci-fi style with their dented body armor and bulky weapons.

But would you really want it to be? Part of the charm of Blazing Saddles is that it feels at once dated and timeless. With the help of talent including stars Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little, writer Richard Pryor, and many, many more, Mel Brooks crafted his masterpiece with this bawdy, ludicrous, razor sharp critique of the American western. The second film subverted and redefined the expectations set by the first one while also making newcomer Robert De Niro a star.

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Irina Shayk was the center of attention on the catwalk but The model and the actor are in the sweet wait for their first baby by hola. The beautiful Russian walked on the catwalk of the famous parade with her characteristic sensuality and making history as the first model to walk in the famous fashion show while pregnant. Irina Shayk did not want to make declarations before the Victoria’s Secret show after seeing her on the runway the doubts surrounding her pregnancy dissipated as she looked spectacular in two sets, a red one with which she strategically hid her belly and a sexier one with a gabardine that showed the world her cute secret.

Although at that moment all eyes were on the Russian model, the world has turned to wonder where Bradley Cooper was.

From Hollywood’s leading screenwriters, music composers, actors, to directors, producers, and executives, the talent represented at the International Faith and Family Film Festival is sure to make Dallas one of the most coveted cities for entertainment this summer.

But on Wednesday, two publications reported Ryan Gosling, 33, and his girlfriend Eva Mendes, 39, split up over Christmas. Eva’s rep chose to not comment. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, pictured in March, have split according to two reports out Wednesday The couple, that started dating in when they filmed The Place Beyond The Pines, have not been seen together this year.

Though the split happened over the holidays, they faced issues much earlier. Eva, who is the face of Thierry Mugler perfume, preferred to be in the limelight, while her partner didn’t. Though the actors were spotted strolling in New York City in , they often were out of sight She denied it: On Saturday the Hitch star was accused of revealing she was pregnant Another problem was getting hitched and having babies.

But the Training Day actress has since denied it, with her rep explaining she always avoids the scanner and prefers the pat down. Meanwhile, Gosling has retreated to his native country. Gosling finished up a Terrence Malick movie about love and obsession against the Austin, Texas music scene. His co-stars are Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

They seemed made for each other: In , he struck up a romance with his Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams and they two seemed on track for marriage, but they split after two years.

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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes ‘tug-of-war’ By Published Wednesday, June 03, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are reportedly in a “tug-of-war” over their pre-nuptial agreement with the ‘Drive’ star wanting them to split their fortune in half. Bang The ‘Drive’ star and the ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ actress – who have eight-month-old daughter Esmeralda together – are reportedly embroiled in a battle over how to split their fortunes if they ever called it quits on their relationship.

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Mar 27,  · Eva Mendes heads into a studio for an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Wednesday (March 27) in New York City.. New stills of the year-old actress, her boyfriend .

And I do a good cockney. Or, rather, I emailed his agent. Mendes had already done the heavy lifting. And then I ran into him and he was lovely. So I just hope these last eight years I’ve maybe done something that he’s liked or could see potential in, so we could possibly work together. Together, maybe, just maybe, you can make this thing happen. A few days later, the agent writes back.

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Excited to see his new film American Sniper but need a kicker to help get you off the couch and venturing out into the winter weather to get to a theater? Well then sit back and enjoy this short little clip of Cooper’s career as an actor. It may be less than two minutes long, but it’s jam-packed with great footage of excellent performances from the actor, who’s still remarkably early in his career.

Ryan Gosling is a stunt biker turning to crime in Derek Cianfrance’s The Place Beyond the Pines, Woody Allen dishes up more European fare with To Rome with Love, and Wong Kar-Wai is back with a.

Focus Features Bob Thompson Published: April 3, – Port of Call — New Orleans. The year-old has won some and lost some during her film journey while coping with gossip in the tabloids along the way. But the actress is affable and demonstrative when the subject of The Place Beyond the Pines comes up. Co-written and directed by Derek Cianfrance, the film is a drama in three parts.

The second chapter features Bradley Cooper. The third segment features the sons of both the cop and robber as they cope with their separate but dysfunctional childhoods. Ray Liotta is the deceitful detective. During the chat in the swanky hotel suite, Mendes discusses her role and acting opposite Gosling who became her companion, she notes, after the film wrapped.

Did you know Ryan before the movie? Ryan and I have known each other for years. It shows on screen. Did you think the familiarity would help?

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By Rich Cline Essential Indescribably insane, this outrageously inventive French drama is so bracingly strange that we can’t help but love every moment. It’s certainly not like any movie you’ve ever seen before, and French director Carax packs it with so many offbeat touches – from wildly unexpected casting to witty movie references – that watching it is almost like a fever dream.

It’s the story of Oscar Lavant , who goes to work in a white stretch-limousine with his driver Celine Scob. But the limo is actually his office, and his job entails dressing up in full make-up to play nine roles over the course of the day. These include a scabby homeless woman, a dying husband and a freaky green mischief-maker who invades a funeral and bites off people’s fingers. But as the day progresses, Oscar begins to crack under the strain.

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The Gatekeepers, review 12 Apr As drama, however, this works. Luke — who has freshly discovered his paternity of her baby boy – becomes obsessed with the dream of reuniting with Romina and his son. Gosling plays him as a bleached-blond, ungovern-able mess of jagged yearnings, sweetness and rage, wrapped in a fragile veneer of calm.

Luke is not really built for the long haul, and Romina instinctively knows it, even while she is drawn to him. Derek Cianfrance, who also directed Gosling in the beautifully bittersweet Blue Valentine , widens his vision here to include a triptych of criss-crossing stories of damaged sons and failing fathers. By the third section, however, the doomy coincidences knitting the story together occasionally feel strained and unwieldy. That the director carries it off, despite its sprawl, is due to his talent for atmosphere, his instinct for the poetry of regret, and an unhurried style that lets the characters sing amid their landscape of blue-collar precariousness.

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