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SolarPowered, it says 86 confirmations on etherscan how long does it usually take.. StealthTrader, For what coin? StealthTrader, Please file a support ticket at https: Cthulhu, then, if dropbox charges 20 cents per Gb and each file is to be spread between 5 farmers, each farmer can’t chanrge more than 4 cents per Gb tone Cthulhu, then, if dropbox charges 20 cents per Gb and each file is to be spread between 5 farmers, each farmer can’t chanrge more than 4 cents per Gb pinkman I don’t want to file a ticket if I don’t have to what’s the average time for deposit? SolarPowered, are u the same as one at hashocean?


Remember that Richard Rockefeller who died on June 13th was head of Medicines Sans Frontieres, a group that has pledged to vaccinate all children under five years of age in the world. The Federal Reserve Board families have presided over the introduction of sperm killing chemicals into household products like shampoo, soap and tooth-paste and cancer causing chemicals into our daily foods.

They have also turned the US medical establishment into a bunch of goons who poison cancer patients with radiation and chemicals.

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Org’s security team to analyze, confirm, and fix these issues. The vulnerabilities could be exploited to cause the X server to access uninitialized memory or overwrite arbitrary memory in the X server process. This can cause a denial of service e. How critical these vulnerabilities are to any given installation depends on whether they run an X server with root privileges or reduced privileges; whether they run X servers exposed to network clients or limited to local connections; and whether or not they allow use of the affected protocol extensions, especially the GLX extension.

Most GLX indirect rendering implementations share some common ancestry, dating back to “Sample Implementation” code from Silicon Graphics, Inc SGI , which SGI originally commercially licensed to other Unix workstation and graphics vendors, and later released as open source, so those vulnerabilities may affect other licensees of SGI’s code base beyond those running code from the X.

Org Foundation or the XFree86 Project. In servers built with support for SUN-DES-1 Secure RPC authentication credentials, an unauthenticated client may be able to crash the X server by sending a connection request specifying values that cause malloc to fail, causing the authentication routines to attempt to write data to the returned NULL pointer.

Since the request is limited to an unsigned bit integer for the allocation size, it is unlikely to fail unless the server is severely memory constrained. These calls all occur only after a client has successfully authenticated itself. X11 core protocol requests Affected functions: GLX extension Affected functions: Included in XFree86 releases starting in XFree86 4. Org releases starting in X11R6.

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Vos retours, en tant que techniciens et utilisateurs avertis, sont les bienvenus! Cela combine les fonctions de nommage, d’identification et de localisation, cette combinaison forme une adresse. Hors actuellement presque uniquement les machines et les personnes morales disposent de noms DNS. Contre cette acception actuelle, je propose de ne plus parler de nom de domaine mais juste de nom sur Internet.

Carline gibt Einsichten in ihre Dating-Erfahrungen mit Tinder, erzählt von brennenden Duftbäumen im Auto und wir diskutieren das (Nicht-)Trinken von Aklohol. no Für die erste zweistellige Folge von Leitmotiv habe ich mich nach Berlin Neukölln zu Carline Mohr (@mohrenpost) eingeladen.

Science is an enterprise that should be cherished as an activity of the free human mind because it transforms who we are, how we live, and it gives us an understanding of our place in the universe. Funding is provided by: Carnegie Corporation of New York, celebrating years of philanthropy, and committed to doing real and permanent good in the world. The Ford Foundation, working with visionaries on the front lines of social change worldwide.

The Herb Alpert Foundation, supporting organizations whose mission is to promote compassion and creativity in our society. MacArthur Foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. More information at Macfound. Park Foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. And by our sole corporate sponsor, Mutual of America, designing customized individual and group retirement products.

It’s been almost 35 years since PBS premiered one of its most successful series of all time:

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Leseempfehlung Opening durch Charles Stross als Videoaufzeichnung. Depublizierungsschutz des vollen Redebeitrags Abstract: As a working science fiction novelist, I take a professional interest in how we get predictions about the future wrong, and why, so that I can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

The issue is conspicuous consumption and perceived poverty. Basically, if one is not over consuming, going into massive debt to support it all, then one is poor and boring.

Trump plans to announce tomorrow that the US embassy to Israel is being moved to Jerusalem. Donald Trump appeared on the verge of formally recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in a move that would upend decades of US presidential diplomacy and could trigger unrest across the Middle East. No country on Earth has their embassy in Jerusalem. Its recognized as very delicate bit of diplomacy all the Islamic nations, including both Iran and Saudi Arabia, are united in their condemnation of such a move, and it would be nothing but a pointless provocation.

Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the Palestinian legislative council, called the planned relocation a very reckless and dangerous act from the side of the US president. Speaking from Ramallah, he told Al Jazeera that such a move would not take into consideration what it means to 1. It will create a very serious reaction and destabilise the region and definitely destabilise the situation in Palestine itself, he added. If President Trump proceeds with moving the embassy, he will be killing completely any future American role in any future peace process.

It gains us nothing to move the embassy, but it will inflame the region and trigger more violence. Its almost as if hes looking for a magic switch he could flip to generate international incidents to distract from the corruption and criminality hes fomenting at home.

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This has led me to a life of being kind of grumpy and feeling left out a lot, but let me seize on what little glitter my anarcho-adjacent life has dappled on me, by sharing my Moxie Marlinspike story: For a second he was dating my roommate. I recall him coming by the house a couple times, drinking some kind of horrible orange juice and malt liquor cocktail, and telling the following anecdote, which perhaps was featured on one of his autobiographical audio documentaries, I don’t know: Once, he said, he developed some alarming skin discoloration on his neck.

Time passed, and noticing that it didn’t go away, and was in fact growing darker and maybe bigger, he sought out a doctor. Increasingly worried, he finally secured and attended the appointment, with a dermatologist I believe.

Atari Teenage Riot schrieben die Musik für die Videopräsentation zur Eröffnung des 30c3 Kongress des Chaos Computer Club im Jahr In dem Film wurde die jährige Geschichte der Hacker und deren Computertechnologie dargestellt.

In fact the shape is so dependent on math that America almost built a nearly identical craft for the Apollo program without either country knowing what the other was doing. When designing spacecraft weight is everything – to move something in space you need a proportional amount of fuel, and then you need even more fuel to move that fuel.

Tsiolkovsky’s equation shows how adding even a small amount of weight to the final stage of a rocket greatly increases the weight of the lower stages. Soviet engineers zero’ed in on one specific element and that was in order to return something to Earth you needed a heatshield, a parachute and other equipment. As a rule of thumb they figured out that for every pound of spacecraft you wanted to bring back to Earth you would add about 2 more pounds to the spacecraft’s weight.

Given how much weight was dependent on the size of the return capsule they decided to design it first and make it as small as possible, then build the rest of the ship around whatever they had come up with. The lightest possible return capsule would be a sphere: But a sphere wouldn’t work since it wouldn’t remain steady and the G forces would kill everyone.

Applying some math from the field of aerodynamics created the ‘headlight’ shape, providing lift while adding the minimum possible mass. The headlight return capsule is the part that is going to be identical no matter who designs it – the Soviet Union, the American contracters or the Chinese.

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Does Josephus prove a historical Jesus? Freethought Nation Right, Josephus was a Jewish sellout, mind you he had little to no choice at that, working for the Romans, rewriting history of the Jews and everything else to please the imperial Roman victors. Here is one article of mine that critically analyzes the TF, specifically as a rebuttal to Bart Ehrman:

marriage in the sense that’s relevant for “legalizing same-sex marriage” is a legal contract recognized by the state Alternatively, forming lifelong bonds of loving partnership is a phenomenon which predates the modern nation-state.

We were never wrong to discuss the dangers of the dragnet. It is the equivalent of a nuclear bomb, just waiting to go off. All that time, I increasingly believe, we should have been talking about the corporate store, the database where queries from the collection store are kept for an undisclosed and possibly indefinite period of time. Section bulk telephony metadata complements other counterterrorist-related collection sources by serving as a significant enabler for NSA intelligence analysis.

It assists the NSA in applying limited linguistic resources available to the counterterrorism mission against links that have the highest probability of connection to terrorist targets. Such persons are of heightened interest if they are in a communication network with persons located in the U. Thus, Section metadata can provide the means for steering and applying content analysis so that the U.

Government gains the best possible understanding of terrorist target actions and intentions. And the NSA finds it, and decides what to read, using the queries that get dumped into the corporate store presumably, they do some analytical tradecraft to narrow down which particular conversations involving US persons they want to read. And there are several different kinds of content this might involve: Everything the defenders say the phone dragnet is not, the corporate store is.

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Essentially, what we have here is an excuse for the U. But a much larger strategy at play here is the attempt to further weaken the east in order to raise Israel to be the new superpower of the world, at the expense of America. Is this worth it, White House and Congress? A Nobel Peace prize should not be turned upside down. Only people who live in Crimea can determine their future, he said. Putin also said that the shaky new government has destabilized the southern and eastern parts of the country since taking power, and that Yanukovych, who is wanted in Ukraine, did not give orders to shoot demonstrators during the protests that eventually led to his ouster.

Profiles on “dating sites”, of course Linked-In, Google and Facebook (Real Names everybody). I don’t know how long they do keep the data. 5, 10, 15 years or? I know they can. Real Story – My family is pretty small, and not connected.

Positions forming in the Debian init system discussion Positions forming in the Debian init system discussion Posted Dec 30, Positions forming in the Debian init system discussion Very impressive and in-depth analysis from both Russ and Ian. Steve and Colin are involved in Upstart and work for Canonical so they seem to be speaking more as Upstart developers rather than Technical Committee members. I do recommend a read through http: Most of his arguments are easily debunked, which is why I did just that in my comment above your’s Positions forming in the Debian init system discussion Posted Dec 30,

Jacob Appelbaum on the Newly Revealed NSA Tech at the 2013 30c3

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