Altec Lansing XT1 Portable Speakers Review (pics, specs)

One of the topics we touched on was on speakers and during the conversation, I asked what PC-speaker-set he had and he told me that he owned a Cambridge PC-Works. I then asked why he hadn’t considered the Altec’s equivalent, ACS Then came the most unusual reason I’ve heard to date! I didn’t know that some people had such different opinions about Altec Lansing, which is one of the leading brands for PC speakers just like how Diamond is for the video-card business. They have large partners such as Dell where they sell large quantities of OEM speaker-sets and even make a few tailored models for them. I’m sure that most of you at some point of time have come across Altec Lansing speakers in action. Some of us may argue that the Midiland Diamond , Cambridge or Boss offerings are better.

Dolby Atmos Speaker Setup

The original goal of this project was to recreate a stereo system similar to the one I owned in college in the early 70’s and later sold when I needed the money after college. Visually, these systems were way superior to the black front, digital read-out systems of today. And these systems were loud – designed to play rock music of the era.

Why Is Vintage Stereo Collectible? Marantz – before restoration Marantz Receiver circa with 70 watts per channel. Roger from Arizona was the original owner and he generously offered to give me the receiver.

Schematics, Service Manuals and Owners Manuals © Inc.

Start your question with What, Why, How, When, etc. How do you hook up altec lansing speakers to the computer Answers: You have to set your speakers first. This will fix your problem. Only one speaker works – altec lansing computer speakers ADA The solution is actually quite simple, due to a design flaw. Altec lansing designed a rather cheap mini din plug-in which can either be replaced or repaired depending on your skill and patience level. Your ground contact is fine BUT the positive cont You will have to remove the switch cover above the Keyboard to check.

Here is the typical instructions for removing it: Altec Lansing ATP 3W Computer Speakers Where do I plug up the altec Lansing acs41 speakers to a new Dell computer Try to plug it at the back of the computer you will see there the outlet for the speaker , it has 3 color, pink for the mic, green for the speaker , hook up the green input cable from your altec lansing to the green outlet of the PC then plug the sp PC Desktops Speakers turn on but no sound No your sound drivers are gone.

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For other inquiries you can reach me at Chris at PreservationSound dot com. There are a great many people for whom this is just not-for. That being said, I can share with you how I developed the skills that I have. I was in a rock band that toured a lot.

Is something missing from your gaming or TV viewing? Bring newfound realism and excitement to your audio/video entertainment while conserving valuable floor space with Altec Lansing’s XA powered subwoofer.

PC or TV to Stereo powered speakers Hookup How to listen to your computer or TV on your home stereo or powered speakers Audio is what you hear and video is what you see. The audio is there but not allowed to escape via the inadequate internal TV speakers. The same is true for laptops. Solutions to better audio are varied, from wireless headphones to soundbars to home theater systems.

Stereo amplifiers or powered speakers can be connected to your TV or laptop for superior sound and extended positioning using audio cables and adapters. You just need to know what sound output ports your sound source has available. Laptops have an earphone output 3. Then your powered speakers or stereo receiver will have RCA stereo inputs or a 3.

Hookup diagram for powered external stereo speakers for HDTV sound. The speakers have a built-in amplifier. The red and white RCA connnectors form a stereo sound connection just like the 3. Some have both RCA and 3. Some HDTVs have no audio output at all.

Altec Lansing ACS44 Subwoofer w Speakers

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Altec Lansing Select multimedia speaker system Review date: The Quest for Bass is, generally, a futile one, if you’re shopping for computer speakers. Computer speaker systems without subwoofers aren’t in the race at all; computer speaker systems with subwoofers almost always don’t have a big enough one. Sorry, but you just can’t get deep bass out of a “subwoofer” the size of three stacked tissue boxes. You can physically fit a quite serious bass driver in a very small box, but that doesn’t do you any good.

If such a box is sealed an ” acoustic suspension ” enclosure , it’ll contain so little air that the bass driver can’t move far without the pressure change in the box greatly restricting further movement. So the driver won’t be able to deliver bass anywhere near as low as you’d think, looking at its specifications; the lower the frequency at a given volume level, the further the speaker cone has to move. Low bass therefore ain’t gonna happen, while there’s a very springy small air volume on one side of the driver.

If a tiny sub box is ported a ” bass reflex ” enclosure , as practically all computer speaker subwoofers are, it’ll also need to be quite large if you want low bass. That’s because it has to contain an air volume matched to the resonance of its bass driver s and port s. You couldn’t even fit a proper subwoofer port in most “multimedia speaker” subs, much less the rest of the air space the thing’d need for proper bass.

There are, however, some not-too-expensive multimedia speakers that do manage quite solid bass. And reasonable midrange and treble sound quality, too. Such speaker systems don’t have a small subwoofer, but that’s not a big deal, because subwoofer positioning is flexible.


You will have to reach to the back of the subwoofer to do so. The satellites also receives a little more power featuring 7 watts power for each speaker This should help overall sound quality when testing comes. The manual is very neatly organized and is easy to understand. The quick start guide helps anyone to hook the system without fault.

Bring out the best your music has to offer with Bose stereo speakers. You’ll find a variety of choices including outdoor speakers and specialty speakers.

Check Offer listing With eight amazing colors, a new curved design, and great new features, iPod nano rocks like never before. The Genius Playlist feature finds the songs in your music library that go great together and makes a playlist for you. With its built-in accelerometer, iPod nano is made to move. Give it a shake, and it shuffles to a different song in your library. Turn it on its side to flip through your album art in Cover Flow. And tilt, move, and play accelerometer-inspired games games available separately.

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Altec Lansing ADA

Yalung Altec Lansing is a known brand when it comes to delivering quality audio so it comes to no surprise that they have Bluetooth speakers in the market. Compared to other speakers available in the market, Altec Lansing not only gives you quality sound but doubles down with two speakers to deliver wider audio anywhere. Pairing Up the Speakers The first thing you have to do is to setup the two speakers to act as one.

It may need some patience on your end. The MF Button the one at the top of each speaker must be held down for about 5 seconds and wait for a beep. Once that is announced, release the button and wait.

And the amplifier is built-in, so you don’t need to hook up a separate receiver. You just plug your DVD player and TV into our speaker system, push Power, and settle back for an exhilarating entertainment experience. With the great looks and sound that is built into every Altec Lansing .

Bridge mode doubles the output power and can be used to drive a sub-woofer loudspeaker. I cannot read Chinese and thus searched for an English manual but did not find any. I decided to reverse engineer the layout of the PCB to produce a schematic and better understand what I was building. They are all concentrated to where the power is supplied. This is needed because high power parts of the circuit could offset GND to a non 0 volt level and cause problems in the low power parts or other high power parts.

After carefully inspecting where all the traces go I came up with the following schematic. The schematic is mostly similar to the reference schematic in the TDA A datasheet. I used the one that can be found on www.

Altec Lansing PT Channel Home Theater SoundBar System

Four specially engineered full-range neodymium micro drivers with aluminum cones smoothly deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound with unprecedented signal accuracy. To manage even this small amount of wiring the USB cord is made retractable, no need to wrap the cord around the speakers when carrying it around. The stands and speaker connecting cord is easily stowed in the provided carrying case.

On the back of the main speaker is a jack that you plug the cord into that then runs into the USB port on your notebook. To actually carry these lightweight speakers Altec provides a high-quality durable carrying case. Since the speakers are thin the carrying case is also relatively thin, and certainly very easy to slide into a backpack or suitcase when hitting the road.

Is something missing from your gaming or TV viewing? Bring newfound realism and excitement to your audio/video entertainment while conserving valuable floor space with Altec Lansing’s XA powered subwoofer.

Are all ‘s the same? No, for the following reasons. With the way tubes are being made in other countries today, there is little chance of any of the same type of tubes ever being made the same from one country to another. There are no unifying standards behind what they produce with respect to standards that cover their manufacturing methods, material standards, or operational electrical performance characteristics.

This most often is different country to country, and can change from production run to production run. This is why we have the problems with same type vacuum tube performance being all over the map from off shore today. For example, if they can’t even make a tube with the right size pins for our USA tube sockets, would you expect them to have the correct electrical characteristics dead-on spec for a Sylvania or GE of the same branded type of tube?

These over sized base pins were broken off by a customer who could not get this tube in the socket of his Fender Twin Reverb. These tubes should have never been sold in the US market place. If USA industry standards were on the minds of those who make the vacuum tubes from off shore, I would not have had to re-base these tubes to fit the sockets made in the USA, and you would not have these pictures to look at on this FAQ page. What test equipment do I need to setup a PS?

Variac type W10M, 13A v. The above list was required by Ed Jahns in for the original factory final testing and setup of the PS that came off the assembly line. How much power does the PS really put on the speakers?

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Replied on February 6, In reply to Winston M’s post on February 6, Windows can see the device, so it is discoverable. It just tries to send the default value of ” ” when it needs to send ” “. Windows tries for several seconds up to 30 and then fails to connect, having never prompted me to enter a PIN. I have not tried pairing the device to anything else as yet.

Dials. About Our Dials. We provide high quality reproduction dials for over original equipment manufacturers. Our production process is based upon state-of-the-art, high-resolution digital printing equipment that is compatible with a wide range of materials including glass, plastic, phenolic and metals.

The customer service team asked for a photo and came up with an easy to install, great sounding speaker and now our home theater sounds great. Did you find this helpful? Now its time to replace a different old speaker. They sound very good at a good price. They sound as good as the original. Paul from Jackson, TN. Fit my old Advent Minis nicely. I will shop here again if I need more replacement speakers. Kevin Cosgrove from Charlotte.

Is this the replacement speaker for the realistic minimus 7?

Altec Lansing AVS Multimedia Speaker System

But can it meet the performance challenges of true home theater use? I expect, however, that as demand increases for the particular kind of versatility the PT offers, the number of stores carrying this system will increase. Initially, I feel consumers will find themselves a little confused by the positioning of this system as a home theater product instead of a personal computer audio system.

Used Watt Complete Amplifier Hookup Kit box for sale in Clarksville – Watt Complete Amplifier Hookup Kit box posted by jayze taylor in Clarksville. – letgo.

Tags Nothing could be simpler. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. You can have it all. You just plug your DVD player and TV into our speaker system, push Power, and settle back for an exhilarating entertainment experience. With the great looks and sound that is built into every Altec Lansing product, you will be thrilled. Conventional, cone-shaped drivers push the sound directionally outward from the cone.

That means you need several speakers located strategically around the room to provide an optimum surround sound experience. In addition, the cone itself requires a relatively deep cabinet that makes all those speakers hard to locate unobtrusively. In contrast, the PT use counterbalanced, flat-panel drivers that operate over a wide range of bending modes — the same principle of physics that makes acoustical instruments work.

All mounted in a single, slim-profile cabinet, providing surround sound big enough to match your big-screen TV Enhanced connectivity, with three digital and three analog inputs to handle all your entertainment sources Video output for on-screen display OSD used in set-up and operation. Included wall-mounting brackets for wall installation Specifications: Stereo x 3 Video Output: Composite x 1 Frequency response:

#355 – Altec Lansing VS4121 2.1 Speaker System

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